Ukrainian Festival | September 9th, 2023

Festival Program

Schedule Highlights

  • Vyshyvanka contest
  • Auction
  • All-day children’s activities (2-3 pm: Reptiles)

Musical performances by:

  • Washington State Combined Orchestra o Olivan – Ukrainian singer
  • Choice – Ukrainian band
  • Valentyn Lysenko – Bandura player
  • Roman Vashchuk – Ukrainian singer o Duo Post Prelude – Guitar duo
  • Brass band from California
  • And more!


We extend our gratitude to the people of Bellevue and their city council for hosting this festival. Please ensure to respect city and local business policies when parking or using public transportation.

Facts About Ukraine

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind Ukraine’s bright flag colors? They are most commonly associated with Ukraine’s golden wheat fields and blue skies.

Not counting Russia, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe by area. It is currently home to about 36 million people, though millions more live abroad to escape the dangers of the war.

Ukraine’s coat of arms is a shield with a trident. It is called tryzub (tree-zoob). The symbol was the seal-trident of Volodymr the Great, the first Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Two notable artistic traditions in Ukraine include pysanky – colorful eggs made using wax drawing techniques, and vyshyvanka – traditionally embroidered clothing.

About the Pacific Ukrainian Society

The Pacific Ukrainian Society is an organization dedicated to organizing educational initiatives, cultural events, and professional development opportunities to support and unite the Ukrainian community while promoting Ukrainian culture, language, and values in the broader community.

The Pacific Ukrainian Society has several focus areas:

  • Supporting educational and cultural activities that preserve and share Ukraine’s rich linguistic and cultural history
  • Organizing educational and professional events to support volunteers, chaplains, and providers in the field of psychological rehabilitation
  • Internship program, particularly for interns from Ukraine
  • Annual Northwest Ukrainian International festival

If you are interested in joining or supporting our work, please visit us at Let’s make a difference together.

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