Ukrainian Festival | September 9th, 2023
Pacific Ukrainian Society

Ukrainian Spirit, Global Impact

Our Mission

The Pacific Ukrainian Society is a dedicated organization that organizes educational initiatives, cultural events, and professional development opportunities to support and unite the Ukrainian community while promoting Ukrainian culture, language, and values.

Our story

In the past few decades, a large Ukrainian diaspora has come to call the American Northwest home. Many came as a result of religious persecution, while others came to reunite with family that had immigrated previously. Since then, the Northwest’s Ukrainian population has formed a robust community with a distinct culture.

The Northwest Ukrainian International Festival Committee formed in response to the Ukrainian minority’s need to be represented, shared and, most importantly, connected to its greater Northwest community. Stewarded by the recently formed Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Seattle and supported by the City of Bellevue, the festival has been and continues to be groundbreaking Northwestern event and a vibrant celebration of Ukrainian life.

Over the years, the Pacific Ukrainian Society has become a prominent force in the Ukrainian community, organizing numerous cultural events, educational initiatives, and professional development programs. These endeavors have fostered a sense of unity, pride, and connection among Ukrainians in the region, creating a platform for cultural exchange, networking, and community building.

Through their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, PUS team have shaped the organization into a pillar of the Ukrainian community, enriching the lives of countless individuals and leaving a lasting impact. The history of the Pacific Ukrainian Society is a testament to their vision, resilience, and passion for nurturing Ukrainian culture and values in the American Northwest.

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